Built with Bones – 13th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

This is the 13th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of my popular 2007 album Built with Bones.

Ranked the most essential gothic country album of all-time by the music blog Swedish Embassy of Gothic Country in March 2015, Built with Bones features 13 songs inspired by mortality, the Book of Revelation, and the dark side of love. This Deluxe Edition features digitally remastered versions of the 13 original tracks plus seven previously unreleased tracks of alternate versions and live performances:

– Alternate versions of “When Its Roar Woke Me Up” and “Shake the Dust”
– A January 2009 performance of “Red” on KAOS Radio, a pirate radio station in Austin, TX
– Live 2009 performances of “You Ain’t Exempt” and “Something Like Love” from Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City, MO.
– “Alone,” a previously unreleased recording of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem by the same name set to music by Christian Williams
– A previously unreleased cover of Leadbelly’s “Goodnight, Irene,” recorded during the Built with Bones session (only available for free download through the Bandcamp release).

I shared some thoughts about this release with Swedish music journalist Mikael Halapi that you can read in an interview on the Swedish Embassy of Gothic Country website.

Released February 29, 2020. All words and music composed, performed, and recorded by Christian Williams in Lawrence, KS. Cover art by Paul Rhyne.


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