About Me

I Was Once a Good Little Boy
(Self-portrait with hindsight)

I paint pictures, make music, and write. This is an online portfolio of my work.

Like most people, I’m driven by something deep within to express myself. My art, in all its forms, is the byproduct of my effort to locate and reflect the source of that expression. With no formal education in music, art, or writing, I learn as I go and make do with whatever natural ability I possess. While there are times that I wish I had the technical skills to precisely articulate what I want to convey, I’ve learned how to make the most with what I have to work with and find satisfaction in imperfection.

It’s often said that you need to know the rules before you can break them. My experience suggests that if you don’t know the rules in the first place, then the artistic process is based solely on expression rather than minding (or consciously ignoring) parameters. I’ve discovered that the art that moves me most comes from the soul, not from the head, and that the satisfaction I glean from the artistic process is directly connected to the amount of pure expression I allow to flow through. My hope is to reach a point where I’m able to fully bare my soul, flaws and all, through pure, unhindered expression. The works I’m sharing here are the mile markers on that journey.

I live in Lawrence, Kansas, USA, with my amazingly supportive wife and three cats named Maurice, Nermal, and Dinah. I’m also the Editor-in-chief of Utne Reader, and special content editorial director for Ogden Publications, which publishes Mother Earth News, Utne ReaderGrit, Mother Earth Living, Motorcycle Classics and more.

Exhibited Work

  • “Every Day’s a Birthday” @ Love Garden Sounds, Lawrence, KS (June 2018); first solo show featuring series of eight paintings commemorating my 40th birthday. View the series.
  • “Wind Shadows” @ Cider Gallery, Lawrence, KS on April 25, 2017; an evening of electro-acoustic euphonium music performed by Brett Keating and Bryan Kip Haaheim featuring compositions by Alvin Lucier, Karlheinz Essl, Stijn Govaere, Forrest Pierce, Giacinto Scelsi, and Keating. I spontaneously painted six pieces in response to the music including Si! and Wind Shadows.
  •  “Modern Views of Quantrill’s Raid” @ Watkins Community Museum, Lawrence, KS (August-September 2013); piece on view: Bleed / Burn / Boast

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