Artist Statement

abstract art, christian williams

My aim through art, music, and words is to experience pure expression, which I believe is a conduit for the timeless and universal messages that explain who we are and what this life is all about.

I rely on spontaneity and chance to guide my process. While my work is often inspired by an emotion or a specific philosophical/spiritual idea, I have no preconceptions as to how the work will turn out. Instead, I act impulsively to give the painting, song, poem or whatever the expression may be an opportunity to reveal itself with as little resistance as possible. When that goes well, I’m able to briefly tap into pure expression and glean the most meaning from the work. That said, I recognize access to the universal mind is limitless, and I enjoy the fact that pulling together seemingly random notions can trigger a wide variety of suggestions and reactions when I relinquish control and watch things unfold naturally.

Because of its ability to enable personal growth and connect us with each other, I consider art to be an essential human expression that everyone should be encouraged to explore with indifference to formal education, training, or popular opinion. I’m not interested in participating in the music industry or the art market. My primary goal is to spread the notion that everyone is capable of creative expression, and I find the best way to do that is by supporting and propagating unfettered access to it, both philosophically and financially.

My own artistic journey has demonstrated that making art is much more than a hobby; it’s a key to unlocking some of life’s biggest questions, the answers to which—I believe—reside within each and every one of us.

Read more about me in my artist bio


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