Artist Statement

The art that speaks to me comes through the soul, not the mind.

My purpose for making art is to experience pure expression, through which I believe we are able to tap into both personal and universal wisdom. While my paintings are sparked by conscious inspiration – be it the music of John Coltrane, the philosophy of Taoism, or the random beauty of turnpike tar patterns – each piece begins with an invocation, a spiritual request for insight.

With that intention, I rely on spontaneity and chance to guide my paintings and have no preconceived notions as to how a piece will turn out. Instead, I act responsively and paint quickly while still giving the piece room to reveal itself with as little resistance as possible. With my “geode” paintings, I prefer larger canvases for the gestural strokes they encourage and I mix my colors on the canvas straight from the tube. For my responsive paintings, I often use both oil and acrylic paint to build surprising textures and contrasts that may appear planned or deliberate, but are still driven by spontaneity and fluidity. When this delicate balance of action and spontaneous response goes well, I become a conduit to art and glean insight from the process. 

From this perspective, I don’t believe that I create art – I’m simply a conduit for art. The act of opening myself to whatever lessons art has to teach me through the process of spontaneous painting is more valuable to me than the finished product. While I still have the habit of calling them “my paintings,” I recognize that they don’t really belong to me. Rather, they are seeds that art uses to propagate itself; either by sparking someone else’s spiritual journey, prompting someone to say “that’s not art – I can do better,” simply existing as an interesting picture to look at every once in a while, or, hopefully, all of the above. – February 2019

 Read more about me in my artist bio


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