Artist Statement

abstract art, christian williams

The art that speaks to me comes through the soul, not the mind.

While my paintings are sparked by conscious inspiration – be it Coltrane, Taoism, or turnpike tar patterns – my artistic process begins with an invocation, a spiritual request for insight.

I rely on spontaneity and chance to guide my paintings and have no preconceived notions as to how a piece will turn out. Instead, I act responsively and paint quickly while still giving the piece room to reveal itself with as little resistance as possible. I prefer larger canvases for the gestural strokes they encourage, and I mix my colors on the canvas straight from the tube. When this delicate balance of action and spontaneous response goes well, my role becomes more like a conduit to art rather than a creator of art and I glean insight from the process. 

From this perspective, the process is the art and the painting becomes someone else’s spark to discover what art has revealed to me: that we’re all manifestations of the divine. – June 2018

 Read more about me in my artist bio


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