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Organ Loaners – “In the Basement” EP (2014)

When I’m in the mood to make some noise, my musical outlet is a garage trio called Organ Loaners with some friends that love lo-fi, ’60s-inspired garage rock as much as I do. Featuring my buddy Mike on drums, my buddy Brandon on bass, and me on guitar/lead vocals, Organ Loaners play whenever it can find a show at one of the basement rock clubs in Lawrence, KS.

This is a five song EP recorded in Mike’s basement on Nov. 23, 2013. I may have been drunk and the amps may have been too loud, but these noisy and imperfect first takes are a pretty good representation of the rough-around-the-edges sound that Organ Loaners is known for.

Disruptor (2013)

Three works of layered acoustic loops and field recordings that interrupt, distort, buckle, and warp.

Released in November 2013 and available for free download, this is my first album of improvised, abstract sound art. The pieces are inspired and influenced by my fascination with musique concrete, acousmatic sound, and electroacoustic music.

Released November 1, 2013. All music composed, performed, and recorded by Christian Williams in Lawrence, KS.