Lawrence, Kansas (2014)

Six sound compositions made from field recordings that I collected near my home in Lawrence, Kansas. This is the first volume of my Sound Profiles series – an ongoing project where I document the soundscapes of the places I live and visit with a combination of unadulterated and digitally manipulated field recordings.

The concept of this album was to illustrate a spring day in my adopted hometown, and build a narrative around the sounds that compete for one’s attention in this small, but vibrant city in the American Midwest.

Selected as one of 50 highlights of Creative Commons music from 2014 by Pilot Eleven, a UK-based netlabel.

– Prelude: Early morning thunderstorm (unadulterated field recording that ends with the fade-in of the next track, “Rope”).
– Rope: Dying tornado siren (layered loops of varied pitch).
– All Clear, Wake Up: Ambient backyard noise in afternoon (unadulterated field recording layered behind loops and half-speed recording).
– Iron Horse: Idle locomotive at Lawrence Amtrak station (layered loops of varied speed).
– Hydro: Bowersock Dam on the Kansas River (sound collage of three different locations near the dam).
– Conversations: Backyard at night (unadulterated field recording).

All sounds recorded with a Zoom H2N and/or Edirol R-09; mixed and manipulated with Audacity by Christian Williams in Lawrence, KS.

Creative Commons License
Lawrence, Kansas by Christian Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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