Defiant (2007)

A collection of Gothic yarns, toe-tapping lamentations, and epitaphs. They come from a place where tornadoes reunite lost lovers, where evil men turn into cockroaches, and where the down-and-out still manage to crack a crooked smile and stand with a defiance that only comes when you have nothing left to lose.

Released September 1, 2007. All words and music composed, performed, and recorded by Christian Williams in Lawrence, KS, except the following, which were recorded in Milwaukee, WI: “Summer Breeze” featuring Andrew Hansen on drums, “Henry May” and “PBR & Crackers” featuring Cale Thibaudeau on banjo and harmonica, and “A Winter Away” featuring Cale Thibaudeau on harmonica. Mastered by Joe Frankland (aka Slackeye Slim). 

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