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2017 – Wind Shadows

wind shadows flyer

“Wind Shadows” was a multi-media, contemporary classical performance at Cider Gallery in Lawrence, Kansas, on April 25, 2017.

Composer and performer Brett Keating played an original electro/acoustic euphonium piece along with works by Alvin Lucier, Karleinz Essl, Stijn Govaere, Forrest Pierce, and Gianinto Scelsi. As Keating performed, I spontaneously painted in response to the music and produced a painting for each piece. Using the duration of each piece as the only parameter for each painting, some turned out better than others. The two highlights were the following pieces:


Responsive painting to a performance of Si!,
 a composition for tuba and live electronics composed by Karlheinz Essl.


Wind Shadows
Responsive painting inspired by a live performance of Wind Shadows,
a composition for  trombone and closely tuned oscillators composed by Alvin Lucier.


Color Fields (2014)

Each of these three compositions feature a single acoustic piano loop digitally manipulated three different ways, which develop gradually over the course of each track’s 12-minute duration.

The way the loops interact with each other made me think of vast areas of layered, transparent colors. While each track conjures specific colors and compositions in my mind, I left them ambiguously titled so as to provide a blank canvas for each listener to paint on.

Released January 5, 2014. All music composed, performed, and recorded by Christian Williams in Lawrence, KS.  

Creative Commons License
Color Fields by Christian Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.